New Version 13 Cards... (Revised)

New Animal Cards
1. Shironagas the Galaxy Whale (Ultimate)
2. Master Apollo (Ultimate)
3. Nice Orion (Silver)
4. Evil Regulus (Silver)
5. Galaxy Bat (Normal)
6. Galaxy Small Toothed Saw Fish (Bronze)
7. Galaxy Gorilla (Normal)
8. 2-in-1 Machine GWS-HG and Jupiter the Red Smilodon (Gold)
9. 2-in-1 Shinobi Fox and Hippo Larry (Silver)
10. 2-in-1 Shinobi Raccoon and Giant Panda (Bronze)
11. 2-in-1 White Owl and Evil Indian Elephant (Bronze)
12. 2-in-1 Gorilla and Red Scorpion (Normal)
13. 2-in-1 GWS and Lion (Normal)
14. 2-in-1 Bald Eagle and Bengal Tiger (Normal)
Strong cards: ???
Miracle card(s): ???

Error on the card

I knew it from the Animal Kaiser Version 4 Card List.. It has an error.
Card: A-069 (Asiatic Black Bear the 2nd)
Error: G: Nadare Breaker. P: Ganseki Ride.
Correct: G: Gekishin Iwaotoshi. P: Gekko Haganeissen
However, the error version is the A-020 (Brown Bear)'s attack. Except Technique attack.


Final chance to got Version 12 cards!

Ultimate: Machine Leo HGX and Cobalt the GWS
Gold: All Machine HG animals, Master Blue, Joker the Komodo Dragon strong 335 and Alien Egg Gold
Silver: Sperm Whale, Caucasus beetle, Green Machine Leo, 445, 551, 151, 511, Approach Sun and Saturn Saw
Bronze: 2 Lion Cubs, Green Machine Shark, Green Machine Eagle, Spiny flower mantis, etc
Normal: White Rhino, Spade the Hyena, Somali Giraffe, etc

Animal Kaiser Figurine Ver 8 (Japan) Coming Soon

Animals: Orion the Lion Cub, Regulus the Evil Lion Cub, Sperm Whale, Somali Giraffe, Spade the Hyena, Tanukichi the Raccoon, Metalifer stag beetle, Angel Snake and strong 144.
Release: Nov 2010

Animal Kaiser Version 13 (JAPAN) coming soon

Release date: 16 Sep 2010
Boss and Ultimate card: Shironagas the Galaxy Whale
New cards: Galaxy Small-toothed saw fish, Galaxy Gorilla and Galaxy Vampire Bat.


Giraffe Stag (Mushiking)

This is not related to Animal Kaiser.

Machine Leo HGX card

Nicest card ever. The world's most favorite ultimate rare card is Cobalt, the GWS.